CES 2019: Groundbreaking Answers for All the Questions You Can Imagine


“What if?” These two words are the current, the energy, the spark that illuminates our modern world – a world of smart cities, sports technology, and digital health; a world of AI and self-driving, electric cars; of disruptive marketing and startups that just might be the next unicorn. What if the entire tech ecosystem – major brands, policy and decision makers, government officials, world leaders, visionaries and more – came together at one event? What if businesses of all sizes, from around the globe, had a common ground upon which to ignite innovation, launch transformative tech, and announce life-changing products? What if the scope of this event could redefine the boundaries of technological possibility? And what if you could experience it all firsthand? CES® 2019. Groundbreaking answers for all the questions you can imagine. Are you CES Ready?

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